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My prints are now ready to send to the Sketchbook Project Print Exchange. The exchange involves 500 printmakers across the world. Each will send an edition of 12 prints to the Brooklyn Art Library in New York, where one will be exhibited, another archived and the remaining 10 distributed to 10  of the participating printmakers. I will then receive 10 different prints selected from 10 of the participating printmakers.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to exhibit and also to meet like-minded artists across the world. I’m very much looking forward to the surprise of receiving the 10 prints. It’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to travel to the exhibition but I will hopefully be able to see the photos of the works online.

I’ve been considering the ‘just a second’ theme for a while and decided to interpret it (perhaps rather obviously) as an interpretation of ‘two’ and was exploring various ideas. In the interim various life events have intervened, so I needed a quick decision this week in order to prepare and print the required edition of 12.

Oystercatchers on Carnoustie golf course, Nov 14
Oystercatchers on Carnoustie golf course, Nov 14

I’ve just been in Angus where these striking birds are found in parks, on golf courses, on traffic islands and rooves as well as in their more natural habitat on rocks and beaches by the sea.

Oystercatchers in flight,  plate
Oystercatchers in flight, carved birch plywood

In flight they fly on point, fast and swooping, a flash of black and white wings with a hint of red on legs and beaks.

Oystercatchers in flight, woodcut, 6" x 5"
Oystercatchers in flight, woodcut, 6″ x 5″

I’ll be sending the submission this weekend. The exhibition will take place in the New Year.

edition of 12

3 thoughts on “print exchange

  1. Lovely, lovely prints. And what a wonderful idea. When is the exhibition on? We are travelling around North America this winter (our summer) and will be in NY early in January. I’d love to see it if it will still be there

    1. Fiona Mill says:

      Hi Janet, sounds like a fabulous trip. Can’t wait to see the work and photos inspired by your unique view. The where and when of the exhibition hasn’t been announced yet, but it’ll definitely be in NY. As soon as I know I’ll let you know. How fabulous if you could see it while you’re there. I’ll be able to imagine seeing it through your eyes! Fiona

  2. What a fabulous idea. Brilliant!

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