Sketching en plein air

A cool May here, but the combination of fresh air, intense colour in the landscape and the ever-changing light is not to be missed. Sketching outside is at the same time challenging and rewarding, frustrating and calming, intense and relaxing. There’s no middle way. The sketchbook work lingers in the mind long afterwards.

I’m also trying to remember to take photos of my sketches with the subject, urban-sketcher-style. Today I forgot, and then went back, this time with camera…

003 (4)
Baggeridge, Staffordshire, A4 sketchbook, 13th May; ink, watercolour, conte crayon





Himley, Dudley, A4; charcoal & watercolour
Himley, Dudley, A4 sketchbook, 22nd May; charcoal & watercolour




Silver birch, Highgate Common, Staffordshire, A4; ink & watercolour
Silver birch, Highgate Common, Staffordshire, A4 sketchbook, 28th May; ink & watercolour




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