House as Hide

I’ve not been able to get out very much this winter, but I have still managed to do some sketching, using my house as a ‘hide’.

I live on a fairly busy bus route; a long road that connects different parts of the city. There are houses, schools, shops, dentists, doctors, churches, parks etc nearby. So there is a steady stream of people walking up and down the road, all absorbed in their own business.

I’ve become fascinated by the body shapes, the apparel, the differing gait, the concentration and energy, the purpose. All drawings are sketched using pastel pencils and watercolour.

pink backpack




005 (2)
blue hat
orange headscarf


sheepskin coat



2 thoughts on “House as Hide

  1. what a useful thing to do …. they can be handy when you come to paint a bigger scene, but also it’s a great skill to acquire I think.
    I love seeing what you up to.

    1. Fiona Mill says:

      A way to keep seeing and looking; the practice of drawing every day that we all know is so useful, but there’s always a million reasons not to find the time…

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